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Green Practice

Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • We recycle batteries from TV controls, DVD players, CD players, A/C remote controls, electronic safes, electronic room key locks, totaling to 1550 batteries per season
  • We purchase supplies in cases that can be reused, either by us or by the supplier: reuse soft drink glass bottles, beer glass bottles, grocery in plastic cases, bread delivered in wooden cases etc
  • All external light bulbs have been replaced with low energy light bulbs and timers have been installed to reduce the energy consumed in most areas of the hotel
  • Key entry systems cards have been installed to all hotel rooms. When guests leave the rooms, electricity shuts down after 60 seconds
  • Pebbles have been placed to all hotel roofs to allow better air ventilation and to prevent sun rays heating up the cement ceiling, resulting to lower A/C usage – save significantly on energy
  • Ozone treatment facilities have been installed to reduce chlorine in pool water
  • Timers have been installed in water boilers to prevent working 24hours, but simply emphasize on peak hours
  • Recycle stained table cloths into Chefs approns and napkins
  • When possible, we send hotel leaflets in electronic way (PDF) than paper
  • During recent lobby renovation, we have changed the glass partitions with high tech glass containing a film to bloke the sun rays and saved up 30% of A/C usage
  • Installed timer in outdoor jacuzzi to shutdown heating at night, when closed

Hotel contribution to "Pride of Place" or "sense of place"
  • Through hotel interior design: mosaic designs, marble columns are inspired by the Delos civilization (opposite of our resort property) and local artistry is spread around hotel grounds
  • Through hotel architecture: hotel is built according to local Cycladic architecture using low height cubing buildings and lime and stone elevations with pergolas and bouquavillas to add some color
  • Through staff training to emphasis on Mykonian hospitality that made Mykonos world known

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